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  • The Christian church has always been an integral part of the communities
  • The main church of ELCIN, Western Synode in Ombalantu
  • The first ELCIN church in Ombalatu area in Nakayale

About Us

CCN is the umbrella of all major churches in Namibia. Our 18 members represent about 1.5 million Namibians or 90 per cent of the population, thus giving the CCN an important voice and responsibility

In the early 197Os, the Namibian churches entered into a loose alliance, the Christian Centre, which had a dual role: to speak with a united voice against injustice on behalf of the voiceless; and to initiate relief projects for the poor. This initiative was later revamped and its scope broadened and, as a result, the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN) was formed in 1978. CCN provided further opportunities for the various church denominations to come together to share their experience and make joint statements on matters of common interest.

The CCN is an ecumenical body whose concerns extend from religious to social and educational matters. It was originally made up of the following churches:African Methodist Episcopal Church(AME); Anglican Diocese of Namibia; Evangelical Lutheran Church in SWA/Namibia (ELC); Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN); Methodist Church; and Roman Catholic Church (RCC).

Photo Gallery

ELCIN Karibib

The Evangelical-Lutheran church in Karibib

 Catholic Church

The Catholic church in Swakopmund